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Lightning fast app for Product Designers, Product Managers, Developers, Presenters, Documentarist and others to save their time and keep them in flow.

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Great choice for any use case

Choose from rich set of minimalistic usable icons for applications, services, presentations and documents. Our icons cover wide spectrum of categories. Have a look below.

Any size in any color

Get any icon in sizes from tiny 16 pixels to massive 1024 pixels. You can choose any colors for your icons to match your product or brand. Icons are made of one to three colors and you can customize all of them. You can also choose icon background to create Windows 8-like icons or semi transparent icons for overlays

All features

We know from our own experience. When working on a mock-up, prototype, application, presentation or a diagram searching for the right icons slows you down and breaks your flow. That is why we designed Icon Cast. A few clicks in a few seconds and you flow further.

Super fast search for icons by keywords

Get icons as you type instantly. Icon Cast has powerful search and rendering core that shows you icons in your colors immediately. You do not have to spend hours or minutes crafting your own icons. You will not have to waste time searching the web. You give Icon Cast a second and you will get any icon you want.

Keyboards shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use mouse to control Icon Cast. However if you love keyboard you will love Icon Cast. Just press ⌘1 to copy 16 pixel icon to your clipboard. All the way up the resolutions. When you press ⌘9 you will have high resolution 1024 pixels icon ready to paste to your application, mock-up or presentation.

All icons are available without Internet connection

All icons available offline

Icon Cast keeps all icons on your computer. You do not have to be connected to the Internet to use the icons. Whether you are in your office with super-fast connection or in the middle of a rain forrest Icon Cast will keep you in your flow. No waiting for search results because of round trip to a search server.

All icons are sharp and usable even in the lowest resolutions

Clear, usable and consistent

We have tried to make the icons understandable at the first glance. They are sharp, modern and we believe they will not look old school any time soon. All icons are reviewed by UX Designers to make sure they are as clear as possible. You have large selection of icons that go well together.

Icons are handcrafted at 16 pixels so they have no blurred horizontal and vertical lines

Sizes from 16 to retina-friendly 1024 pixels

Whether you need a small icon for a toolbar button or a large icon for fine printed manual Icon Cast will deliver. Of course, retina displays are the best place for higher resolution icons. Small icons at 16 pixels are crafted pixel-by-pixel to be sharp and readable. Even on the small area they tell their story. As you can see on the right straight lines never get blurred nor anti-aliased.

Different color styles of an icon

Any color style

Icons are composed of one to three colors and you can choose the colors to best match your product, brand or a specific use case. Getting the right icon in the right style was never never easier. You do not need to open a heavy weight image editor to customize your icons.

Icon on top of different backgrounds


All icons are designed with transparency. You can safely use them on top of any background. They fit nicely everywhere and have anti-aliased edges for flaw-less blending with the background.

Examples of composite icons

Composite icons

To save some valuable time Icon Cast gives you frequently used composite icons. You do not have to open an image editor to do create typical composite icons. You can just click and paste the icon where you need it. We have handcrafted the icons so they fit nicely together with great layout and cutouts.

Friendly license

You can use all icons for both your commercial and non-commercial products. All icons are royalty-free and you can use them in any number of your products. Just do not resell them nor sub-license them. See complete Legal information.

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